Drug Safety Specialist

Drug Safety Specialist needed w/Masters degree or Foreign Equivalent in Pharmacology or Pharmaceutical Science or Drug Regulatory Affairs and six (6) months experience as Drug Safety Specialist or Drug Safety Associate performing following job duties:

Receive and review adverse events forms for completeness, recognize discrepancies, enter data into safety database, obtain follow-up information and assess causal relationship of event to study drug. Design and implement safety data management processes to ensure completeness, correctness and consistency of safety data.  Research and provide medical and scientific information to health care professionals and functional areas within the company.  Ensure delivery of quality data outputs for each data acquisition or periodic report within defined timelines. Conduct and analyze medical and scientific literature searches to support projects and queries.  Perform document-tracking process for incoming documents, ICSR submission, investigator letter and CCSI distribution. Work with Clinical Resarch and Contract Research Organizations, regarding information exchange and safety exchange agreements.

Job Locations:

NYC or client sites across the U.S.

Must be available to travel and relocate to client sites.

Mail Resumes to:
The Veritas Healthcare Solutions LLC
469 7th Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10018
Job Location: NYC or client sites across the U.S.